Many frequently petition God asking for new thing without first counting the cost of said things.  The scripture confirms “For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it?” Luke 14:28.  I frequently hear people pray to God for a new car without first counting the cost of maintenance and care.  Biblical stewardship is not just having the money to acquire things it is also having the wherewithal to properly take care of those things once you get them.
One of the largest purchases made by families outside of a home is an automobile.  True financial responsibility requires proactive action in every area of ones life.  One area were there is routine lack of action is automotive maintenance and repairs.  Automotive ownership including maintenance, repair and fuel costs account for approximately 22% of total take home income.  This amount coupled with all of the other household expenses leave limited funds remaining for unexpected repairs and expenses.
AAA surveyed 1009 adult drivers and determined that 25% of those individuals were unable to pay for a major car repair ($2000) and 12% of those surveyed would be unable to pay for a semi-major repair costing ($1000).  When considering the average cost of a monthly car payment in 2014 was $450, having an unexpected car repair could cause one to make a tough choice of completing an auto repair or remitting  an automotive payment.  Approximately 40% of all vehicle repossessions are a result of the car owner having to make the choice of vehicle repair or car payment.  Many automotive repairs can be avoided through proactive, routine maintenance.
The following services when performed according to manufacture recommendations can serve as savers of heartache, time and money.


    • Oil changes.
    •  Fluid flush and change
    •  Tire rotation
    •  Air filter service
    •  Routine transmission service
    •  Engine tune up.


Of course vehicle service does not serve as a replacement for saving and financial security but these activities help by keeping cash in your pocket instead of in the pockets of the auto repair shop.