Bible Teaching

Our ministry shares your passion for God’s Word and tackles those passions in a number of ways. We desire to help you develop your knowledge and understanding of God’s word through our delivering of sound Biblical lessons.We utilize real world experiences and practical understandings to provide you with life changing applications based on sound Biblical principles.

Biblical Principles of Finance

4 module teaching of the understanding of money and finance in God’s way. This will utilize the culmination of Shannon Stewart’s near 20-year experience in the finance industry.

  1. What money is and what money isn’t
  2. Biblical stewardship and budgeting
  3. Owing the creditor, elements of credit and credit repair
  4. Trusting the Lord and giving

Corporate Chaplaincy/Executive Coaching Duties

  • Crisis Management
  • Employee Relations Improvement
  • Spiritual Resourcefulness for Staff (Counseling/Prayer)
  • Financial Overview and Money Management
  • Marital & Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Executive Retreat Services
  • Grief Counseling
  • Executive Leadership Coaching

Marital & Pre-Marital Counseling

Our goal is for couples to enjoy a marriage centered on the promises of God and His word. We propose to help couples execute the actions needed for a Spirit-filled union. We believe that this marriage is available from the day you say “I do,” and can be handled years down the line.

Our pre-marital services include a 3-week overview of:

  • God’s purpose of marriage
  • Your marital bed
  • Finances and biblical stewardship
  • Conflict handling and resolution
  • Preparing for your wedding day and beyond

Ministry Resources

Contact us for information on budgeting, marriage, books, cd’s, etc.